I wish I was a better writer. I have so much on my mind and so much on my heart that i dont want to just type down and leave it, but i want to craft the words to sound beautiful. To form my true thoughts and emotions on this blog space the way i feel them. but... i will try the best i can right now.
It has taken me awhile to construct this blog. I keep saving it to my drafts because I dont know what im really writing about.
Does anyone else share the same love for being onstage. Its easier up there...
Isnt it? Eyes closed, I feel like its easier to breath. I dont get nervous when Im onstage in front of people.... ever. I like it. I like singing too. I sing all the time, just throwing sound around but when I really concentrate on my vowels and consanants and the meaning of the words flowing from my lips its new. Its the most amazing feeling. I would want to that forever. If I could eat singing, fall asleep singing, breathe it I would. Its the easiest and one of the most natural things in the world. But what if I sang loud enough for people to hear me?
Now. The people I live with would say that I most defenitely sing lound enough. But I meant.... what if my words made a difference. What if my voice made other people want to sing?
What could happen? Would people start there own melodys? Or sing along with me. I dont want to just drift threw life, I wanna make waves. I wanna sing, ALOT, and I wanna be happy, but not just happy all by myself. I want the whole world to see it. :)

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