A fathers view on things

Well I thought Id go ahead and do some unescesarry sharing of my love life. well my love life isnt really much considering im 14 but i am okay with that :) haha I like a boy. He likes me. But that will stay unsaid for awhile, just the way it should be. Its obvious he likes me and Its obvious I like him so words just arent needed. But this boy talked to my dad today while I was at school. And here is what my dad had to say about it :) ( yes I did take this boys name out :D) haha


Lincoln Brewster sings a song, a worship song, named "You Are The One". The song gives honor to God for who he has been as Creator, as Lord and Leader of our life. "You are the one, you are holy, you are the one, you are worthy, you are the one, you are the one, everlasting, Lord you are the one" That is a simple part of the song, yet the most profound declaration of love we can express toward an Eternal and All Powerful God who has allowed us to come into his presence and to remain near him through the power of His own Love and Sacrifice.

This is The Father's Love at work and our cry back to him in thanks and recognition that He Alone is "The One".

You must know this about me, as your Dad, that is the my cry toward my God and is my number one desire for you. That you be a daughter of our King Jesus and that you be so captivated by HIM that you cry out with your words, heart and life, "You are the One". Everything, in my leadership over your life, has to make it past that filter. Everything!

My prayer is that you would have a heart set toward God all the days of your life and that nothing would take first place except your Father in Heaven, your creator and sacrificial lamb, through the deep and close abiding love of the Holy Spirit who walks and talks with you.

Now, on that note, let me explain that today I spent time with a young man named _____. As you know he is sweet on you and has asked to spend extra time getting to know you. He was polite and honorable in his approach. We discussed lots of things, but most importantly we discussed the way God works through relationships to teach us, lead us and eventually bring us together to represent His love for us in a wonderful relationship here on earth. It is too early to discuss who will become your spouse and best friend on the journey of life, but _____ was honorable in his approach to ask about spending time with you. We discussed boundaries and the process of NOT getting in too deep with words, emotions or touch. He seems like a good kid and a young man who is set on becoming a Man of God who is strong in the Lord.

I want you know that you have my blessing to spend more time getting to know him but that your heart is the one thing you have to protect. No man is worth your relationship with God and believe me, most men have no problem being in competition with God for a ladies heart. Most men want to compete and "win over" the ladies they are attracted to. So, you have to be very diligent to keep your love relationship with Christ front and center and only allow young men around when they can take the pressure of NOT being number one in your life. Most boys and men cannot handle that. Their ego, a God given ego, mind you, has not be trained to be humble and trusting. Rather, they want to make sure and re-enforce their dominance in your life regularly. Don't let that happen. Guard your heart, pursue God as if your very life depends on it, because it does. And along the way, if and when God puts a man in your life who you are called to share that pursuit of God with, you will look up, while running hard after God and see him beside you, running after God, in his own lane on the track, loving God, seeking God and wanting after nothing but God. Only then, will you know the earthly connection to that person as a pure and honest relationship. One that supports your purpose in God. Until then, don't take yourself too seriously when it comes to guys, enjoy their friendship, keep your heart, mind, body and spirit pure and consider the gift of your love to be the deepest treasure that is reserved for the one and only, while living a life of worship and never stop declaring to HIM, "You Are The One!!!"

I love you deeply and will never stop watching, guiding, praying and rejoicing over you. You are a wonderful young lady. Blessings on you forever!!!

Your Dad!!

I love you dad :)


  1. Liz. Whoever this boy is.. he must be a lucky guy. Especially if your dad is able to say that about him as well.
    I agree with everything he said :) mostly cuz I hear that too lol. but i hope everything goes well love u <3

  2. Oh wow Liz. If only someone had taught me and told me those things long ago. Print those things out, read them till you know them by heart. You and your sisters are meant for God, created for Him to have a relationship with first. I pray you and each of them find that "sweet spot" with Christ, and hold on no matter what. This is my goal and hope.
    And God bless the boy who becomes the Man of God in your life. He has a lot to live up to.