Pet Peeve

MY NEW PET PEEVE: When women disrespect men. Im sorry I know all about ( and if you really know me you know that i know FAR TO WELL) about all the abuse and disrespect inflicted onto naive women, and I have a huge HUGE heart for those women ( once again if you really know me you know this to be true.) BUT PEOPLE.... COME ON. ( well i should say WOMEN COME ON) Just respect men. and repect people as humans. This is NOT something that I have mastered. and 50% of the time i am not this way. But can we just talk to other people nicely? I see it everywhere! School, Crown, Home ( yes we are family :D it happens), with my friends everywhere! People just arent nice to each other anymore. But ok. Girls you know that more than anything.... we just want to feel loved. EY? am I right or am I right? Well men just wanna be respected. And its a hard thing to learn to most people now a days. But instead of being mean 50% of the time I would like it to be about 5% of the time ( leaving leverage for when I really need to punch someone in the face :D) Tonight was a good night overall. Love ya

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  1. love this girl :)
    this is exactly what we heard at the seminar! haha. glad to see u on here <3