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I just got home from the Thorn. And obviously, the thorn being as incredible as it is.... has left me thinkning.
I was sitting there anticipating my favorite scences that move me the most. Heaven, Hell,Garden,Crucifiction, and Resurrection. Let me just say congrats to the martial artist! The garden scence was incredible and LITERALLY left me breathless. During the end of the scence when the disciples are waking up and Jesus is being arrested I leaned over to Zac and asked him " What if you were there? What would you have done?"..... And then I started thinkning about it. What would I have done? Knowing me I would have done nothing.... To scared to defend anyone and to scared to run. I imagine I would have just stood stunned. I mean here you are with your best friends on an already stressful night. Your savior tells you to pray and you dont, you sleep. Then all of a sudden you see Jesus arrest, tried, beaten, and killed all in about a couple hours. Your world has been rocked and slipped from underneath you. How would you know that hope still existed when it was burried in a tomb?It all happend so fast. Just *snap* like that. What would you do with the questions running through your mind.
The day that true loved died.

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