Deaf Ears Can Hear.

I dont know how I could live, if I was deaf. How could you live without hearing music or the piano or the wind... or the ocean or voices, or even annoying sounds like fingernaisl scrathcing on a chalkboard. hah just joking id live without that noice for sure! But seriously! I think I would go insane! But it makes me wonder how God speaks to those people. If I became death, without God I think I would easily and quickley, fall into a depressing darkness. But... God can speak to people in there own special ways. I want to here angels sing and I wonder if a deaf person is easier touched by the sound of the supernatural because they are not listening with the flesh of their ears but the soul in there hearts. They are open in a whole new way. haha then again maybe not. :) Great night at tag tonight! It was a special night... NIGHT OF DESPERATION! Im sooo excited for the actual conference this summer! Only in two hours of whorship tonight one of my best friends, friends from school accepted jesus for the first time and it was sooo exciting! One of my friends broke foot was healed! but see.... i dont want these kind of things to be so surprising to us! I want to live in the radical and supernatural everyday! I guess thats why im doing this fast. O ya i havent said anything about that! im fasting non-christian music for the year of 2010. I can imagine that it might get hard but then again thats why my lordy is there... to pull me threw :) I went to germany this summer and got the oppurtuniy to go to school with a girl named Leonie that went to the youth group at the church we were working at. welll..... SHES COMING TO AMERICA TO STAY WITH ME! :):):):) Please be praying that her flight will be safe and that the time she has here is well spent! Im really praying and hoping everything goes well and im super excited!!!! :) well goodnight all! :) BLESS YA

me and leonie!


" Even the demons......"

Ian Lyons :) the day before he turned 13
and 9 months before he saw the glory of God.

James 2:19 " You believe that there is a God. Good! Even the demons believe that and shudder." Ok! So this is where Im at. Crown season. But this season is different. I am playing the role of a demon as always but this year seems harder. Maybe its because of school, maybe its because of all the additional scenes.... but this year is harder. That verse up there. THATS EXACTELY HOW I FEEL LIKE! Im believing God is taking control of this production and then again, im shuddering. Im tired and my legs HURT. really really hurt. I dont like egging on people to "CRUCIFY HIM!" I really really dont like it. I HATE it. I dont like acting demonic while the song " He loves us" is playing. But Its easy to get into this character for me and its something kids need to see and hate. So ya this isnt just me complaining that my fighting partner ( zac smith) and I dont have our fight down, my hip popped out of place tonight, and my legs feel like jello.... no i have a point. The point is can we become exhausted for God in tiny practical ways like this?...............................Can we glorfiy him through petty pain and aches? Why not?

I have something else on my mind. IAN. One of my close friends, and he died in April of cancer. my 13 year old friend ( one day younger than i) died from caner. I just dont get how MY friend could...... die. I just dont even understand it. I had a dream last night about him. He was back, as if he never died but simply left somewhere and all this time i have been waiting for him to come back so i can tell him all that he has missed. He was really really cute in my dream and I hugged him and exclaimed about how much he had missed while he was "gone". He just laughed and said " r u kidding me? YOU have missed everything! Its a party up there!" I didnt like that, because i suddenly remembered that he had DIED and was now back. I woke up and was sure Ian was back, it was only until I started getting ready for school that I remembered. Trying to strech out of my Colorado, TCA, bubble these reality moments come and go at free will. Its just something that I have been thinking about today. Goodnight Everyone :)


Saying Goodbye Better End With a Hello...

Tonight was the parsley last night in Colorado. Zach ( at the far right) is one of my really good friends. Me my best friend Savannah, Matt ( in the green) and Zach all had a long night tonight. If you didnt already know the Parsleys and the Staroses ( matthews family) are headed down to texas to start a church plant there called ONE Chapel, in Austin. Tonight at Tribes, our freshman disciple ship group, all prayed over zach and had some laughs about hilarious things that have happened and me and savannah and matt all shared things that have happend threw zach to effect us over the past three years we have all been freinds. we cryed some and tomorrow at 11 o clock the Parsleys will be on their way. The Stavros's will be moving over the summer. Zach is a great leader and I think most of us are scared of whats gonna happen now that hes gone... well at least... I am. Zach and Matt have been best friends since 1st grade and savannah and zach have known each other since preschool is its kinda like our solid, stay the same kind of foundation we look to for guidance at school especially is slipping from under us. Through this I think we all, including zach, will learn to rely on God and not so much on each other. Zach will be back in 3 months for the summer. 3 months that im betting $ on will feel like a lifetime.
" life is likea burrito. If you jump the boarder its free" - dedicated to zach :) I love you big brother :)
Brothers saying goodbye..... for now. ( Matthew and Zach tonight at Tribes)


Photography I like; Deviantart.com

Destiny changing Destiny

Last Monday Yann Yann (in the blue and white stripes) came to visit us. yann yann and wei wei shared a crib in their orphanage in China. yann Yann got adopted a month before Elias did. Coincidencedently enough they are both named El. So I will just refer to them by there chinese names! :) Yann Yann is missing his left arm, and it doesnt slow him down at all! Hes so cute and amazing. When yann yann and his family walked threw the door Wei Wei went YANN YANN!!!!!!! But it was only because we talked about him so much that Wei Wei knew who he was. Wei Wei couldnt see when he was at the orphanage in China so we arent really sure if he knew what yann yann looked like until he came to visit. We went to the basement and gave them their space but they just acted like it was there own house and their own toys and didnt act like they knew who each other where. After lunch yann yann started crying and thats when it seemed like everything clicked for wei wei. He looked at him as if he had heard that cry before. We went to the park after their naps and they seemed to warm up to each other. Ever since we adopted Eli I have gotten a huge heart and burden for the country of China. As I typer Eli Zhang Wei is sitting here on my lap listening to music and drinkning milk holding onto my arm, its just us everyone else is gone. In these kind of special moments with my brother I have to wonder. What if we didnt apodt? Or what if who we adopted wasnt him?