Deaf Ears Can Hear.

I dont know how I could live, if I was deaf. How could you live without hearing music or the piano or the wind... or the ocean or voices, or even annoying sounds like fingernaisl scrathcing on a chalkboard. hah just joking id live without that noice for sure! But seriously! I think I would go insane! But it makes me wonder how God speaks to those people. If I became death, without God I think I would easily and quickley, fall into a depressing darkness. But... God can speak to people in there own special ways. I want to here angels sing and I wonder if a deaf person is easier touched by the sound of the supernatural because they are not listening with the flesh of their ears but the soul in there hearts. They are open in a whole new way. haha then again maybe not. :) Great night at tag tonight! It was a special night... NIGHT OF DESPERATION! Im sooo excited for the actual conference this summer! Only in two hours of whorship tonight one of my best friends, friends from school accepted jesus for the first time and it was sooo exciting! One of my friends broke foot was healed! but see.... i dont want these kind of things to be so surprising to us! I want to live in the radical and supernatural everyday! I guess thats why im doing this fast. O ya i havent said anything about that! im fasting non-christian music for the year of 2010. I can imagine that it might get hard but then again thats why my lordy is there... to pull me threw :) I went to germany this summer and got the oppurtuniy to go to school with a girl named Leonie that went to the youth group at the church we were working at. welll..... SHES COMING TO AMERICA TO STAY WITH ME! :):):):) Please be praying that her flight will be safe and that the time she has here is well spent! Im really praying and hoping everything goes well and im super excited!!!! :) well goodnight all! :) BLESS YA

me and leonie!

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