God answers prayers

I have this box. Its under my bed and everytime that I have prayer that I want answered I write it on a peice of paper, date it and slip it into the box. I do this to remind me that once I slip the paper into the box its no longer my problem, but its Gods will. Its my own little trust exercise. Well a couple months ago I slipped a piece of paper in there that said " I need a friend to talk to..... pleace Lord." Well he answers prayers. I have a friend named Zac. Now although I dont talk to him about some other things I can talk to about with my girlfriends, I can talk to him about almost anything. I have been more inside my own little mind lately in this past year than ever have been before, and trust me Im a space cadet so thats saying alot. I havent wanted to talk about things with my usual friends. I have four main best friends at school and three outside of school. I havent wanted to really talk to them. I have thought about it in my own heart, prayed about it, and talked with my parents about it. Now when I say it I just mean life itself. The good and the bad. I have come to the conclusion that Gods just moving through me, and I just need to take the time to understand myself and listen to his movements. Well tonight I had this God moment and began writing. From the first line I knew I was writing to Zac, but I wasnt exactely sure If I was going to give it to him or not. I am. I did. Here is the answer to the prayer I prayed three months ago. Through just writing this note to a best friend God showed me a few parts of who I am. He showed he that he designed me with a purpose, that he didnt just wing it but that he knit me together with complexity. Im scared of messing up. Not just messing up but failing. Not pleasing my parents, not having good grades, not pleasing God, giving up, not winning a game or a race. Im sometimes even scared of that along the road I will get scared and give up. Its something I cant do anything about but offer it up to God. I am a big picture kind of girl. The dreaming come so so easily but the small individual details.... the WORK part.... Im not great at.
Im so so so much like my dad its ridiculous. Im intest like him. Im athletic like him. Im a dreamer like him. I have brown hair, blue eyes, and tan skin like him. Im like my mom though too. I tend to be introvert sometimes, and retreat to myself before anyone else. I have a shy side. I dread talking to and meeting new people. I see nothing wrong with the people already in my life. Thats why I was on the visitor team in Burn. Because it was out of my comfort zone. I dont like a messy house like my mom, and one of my love languages is quality time like hers. But there are parts of me that are wholey Elizabeth. They are not geneticely passed down, but specifically placed there because God designed me that way. I HATE fingerpainting.... I hate being messy or sticky or slimy period. After i put food in my mouth I always subconciously play with my fingers. I get tired everyday around 5 o'clock. When I bite food I bite it perfectely straight. I want to play the ukelale and Im stragley good at arcade games.
I told him all this. This is a friend. My friend. :)