Saying Goodbye Better End With a Hello...

Tonight was the parsley last night in Colorado. Zach ( at the far right) is one of my really good friends. Me my best friend Savannah, Matt ( in the green) and Zach all had a long night tonight. If you didnt already know the Parsleys and the Staroses ( matthews family) are headed down to texas to start a church plant there called ONE Chapel, in Austin. Tonight at Tribes, our freshman disciple ship group, all prayed over zach and had some laughs about hilarious things that have happened and me and savannah and matt all shared things that have happend threw zach to effect us over the past three years we have all been freinds. we cryed some and tomorrow at 11 o clock the Parsleys will be on their way. The Stavros's will be moving over the summer. Zach is a great leader and I think most of us are scared of whats gonna happen now that hes gone... well at least... I am. Zach and Matt have been best friends since 1st grade and savannah and zach have known each other since preschool is its kinda like our solid, stay the same kind of foundation we look to for guidance at school especially is slipping from under us. Through this I think we all, including zach, will learn to rely on God and not so much on each other. Zach will be back in 3 months for the summer. 3 months that im betting $ on will feel like a lifetime.
" life is likea burrito. If you jump the boarder its free" - dedicated to zach :) I love you big brother :)
Brothers saying goodbye..... for now. ( Matthew and Zach tonight at Tribes)

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