Destiny changing Destiny

Last Monday Yann Yann (in the blue and white stripes) came to visit us. yann yann and wei wei shared a crib in their orphanage in China. yann Yann got adopted a month before Elias did. Coincidencedently enough they are both named El. So I will just refer to them by there chinese names! :) Yann Yann is missing his left arm, and it doesnt slow him down at all! Hes so cute and amazing. When yann yann and his family walked threw the door Wei Wei went YANN YANN!!!!!!! But it was only because we talked about him so much that Wei Wei knew who he was. Wei Wei couldnt see when he was at the orphanage in China so we arent really sure if he knew what yann yann looked like until he came to visit. We went to the basement and gave them their space but they just acted like it was there own house and their own toys and didnt act like they knew who each other where. After lunch yann yann started crying and thats when it seemed like everything clicked for wei wei. He looked at him as if he had heard that cry before. We went to the park after their naps and they seemed to warm up to each other. Ever since we adopted Eli I have gotten a huge heart and burden for the country of China. As I typer Eli Zhang Wei is sitting here on my lap listening to music and drinkning milk holding onto my arm, its just us everyone else is gone. In these kind of special moments with my brother I have to wonder. What if we didnt apodt? Or what if who we adopted wasnt him?

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