I want to be a better writer :)

I apologize in advanced for how choppy and High school girlish this blog may be :)

Im home alone right now. Today has been a long- longish day.
Wake Up- 60clock
Coffee Run With Jessie ( ending in me getting Zac coffee instead :D )- 6:45-7oclock
Crown Rehearsal- 7-2 oclock
:) Today has been fun. But now I am tired, alone, in need of shower because I have black paint all over me, and I am looking for something productive to do. Get my thoughts out? maybe.
My favorite way to relax lately has been to close the door in my bed room crack the blinds so that there is a stream of light in the room, turn up my Kari Jobe cd, open my journal and bible ( and whatever book i might be reading) and just lay there for hours and hours listening to the songs over and over. All of them speak to me so much. Im loving it.
I have just been so up and going lately that in those times God really speaks to me.
I think Im learning alot more about myself too. I have realized that I want alot of heart work inside of me happen before dating. Its hard, sometimes though. But I think I need to learn more,get more scripture in me, and let the brothers around me do the same before God can start pointing out possible candidates. I fasted conversational texting this past week (ended yesterday) and I think that it grounded me a little bit.
I need that everyonce in awhile. Thats how I am. I like to live like full force.
My mom says the word is INTENSE.
I hate that word but sure I guess thats what it is. I like new things.
I like freefalling.
I like adventure, but sometimes I need to chill out :) haha
You know what else Im also learning?
That Im not alone. That there are actual girls my age living the same way I am, living through things I am, and learning just like I am. Thats kewl. And sometimes it gets me in line and shows me where I stand, and how much growing in certain areas I really need before moving on. :)
I need to change things up a bit. In the summer time im cutting my hair ( not short just different) and getting ( unpermanate) teal high lights. SEE WHAT I MEAN? Im always looking for excitment. Change is good sometimes and then other time I hate it. Im in need of excitment right now. Or more so I think I am in a good place to go on an adventure. Like almost as if God has prepared me and set me up for one.

I dont know :) haha Im confusing myself.
Sorry about the High schoolishness :)

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