So Close

I got my hair cut last night :) I love it, for me it looks a ton different and I just really needed that change. :)
Now im just gonna cut to the chase.
I need another kind of change, I need a holy moment. I need to feel the presence of God surrounding and consuming, overwhelming me!
_tag is tonight and Im sooo excited. I wont take distractions and I wont be denided from his prescence.
I was at yellow tribe last sunday night and Matt talked about how most of the time
we beg God for the flood.
We beg him to break open the heavens and rain down the flood.
but what does a flood do? It mauls down and destroys everything in its path. We need that sometimes.
Sometimes we just need our whoel hearts, and minds, and bodies to be wrecked before the Lord.
But not this time. No what I really want is a sprinkle, a refresh, I just want to dwell in the sprinkle of his all consuming, cause that even to me will feel like a down pour. Im just wanting to linger in his presecence. I want my mind and heart to be renewed. I want to feel close to him again.
I have done nothing wrong lately, or ignored God, or straid from his path in any huge way that makes it hard for me to come back.
I have simply become content at where my life is and now I have become hungry.
Now I want to be shaken up, and I want to feel close to him again. I want his CLOSENESS.
Not just tonight though, no. I want that everyday. I want everday to walk in his radical presence. Its the greatess feeling in the world to be with him is it not?
No it is the greatest feeling ever. And tonight Im asking to be shaken, for my heart to be stirred, to feel his closeness, and to witness a miracle.
Because feeling him move is a miracle in itself.
God is NEVER so far away that we cannot reach him, he is just so incredibly close that sometimes we just miss him.

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