I love days like this, days where its just me and God. I saw a book laying on my bookshelf called Passion and Purity and started skimming through it. I would like to share with you a few pages from it that I liked alot.

" Through affairs of the heart God uncovers our true intentions: [...whether or not it ws in your heart to keep his commandments. He humbled you and made you hungry; then he fed you manna.] So it is with us. We're created men and women. If Adam needed Eve and she was made for him, isnt it natrual then, isnt it all together fitting and proper, that men and women would hunger for each other? It is natural indeed. However, its not the only thing God has in mind for us. We are not meant to live merely by what is natural. We need to learn to live by the supernatural. Ordinary fare will not fill the emptiness in our hearts.Bread will not suffice. We need extraordinary fare. We need manna. How else will we learn to eat it, if we are never hungry? How will we educate our taste for heavenly things if we are surfeited with earthly? Sex, lust, and this generational definition of "love", will not suffice any more than bread will. My heart was saying, " Lord, take away this longing, or give me that for which I long.." The Lord was answering "I must teach you to long for something better. He fed on manna which neither you not your fathers had known before, to teach you that man cannot live on bread alone but lives by every word that comes from the mouth of the Lord."

Wow......... right?
Lord teach us to long for things that are better. Never let me settle for bread, but give me your strength to wait and perservere for the manna. I have much to learn. And I want God to train me and discipline my heart for what greater is to come.
Jesus is saying to me what he said to his disciples. "There is still much I could say to you but the burden would be too great for you now." Sigh.
So I will wait and delight my whole self in each and every word that comes from the mouth of the father. I want to become the women he has designed me to be. I want to be a " Imperishable ornament,a gentle, an wuiet spirit, in the sight of God." I offer all I am to him, for him to mold me into who he wants me to be, only he can take this water and dust and turn it into fine jewles for his glroy. I am not strong in myself, I have not always known that either. But this is my prayer.....
For all my fear, Lord- your strength
For all my temptaion- your strength
For all my longings for the flesh- your strength

Good Day.

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