A Doctor Yes..... But Still So Much More

There is a man. He is a doctor.
He heals people. Hes a genius doctor, I mean he heals eyes, and broken bones, and brains too!
But whats really odd and special about this
doctor is that he can heal hearts too, yes in the physical sense but in the emotional,
and spiritual sense as well. He heals fears and scars, and depressions, and faults, and he can make you all better. This doctor has a message.
He loves you. He loves me too. He wants to take a look at you, to talk to you, to get to know
you a little better. Now dont be decieved, every doctor has there bluffs. This doctor ALREADY
knows you. He knows what hurts before you even step into his office. He knows exactely how
many hairs that are on your heard, he knows your weight and your height, he has no sin scale....
the nurse never needs to see if you are healthy enough or sick enough, the doctor wants to heal you. Everyone needs healing. This doctor ALREADY knows your eye color, your last name, your favorite drink, your boyfriends name, your gavorite converse, your passions, your desires, your birth marks, your addictions..... he knows it all. :) He just wants to talk.
To heal you. And teach you how to stay healthy. He wants you to get to know him too.

Then he will not always be a doctor to you. You will discover he is much more. :)

You will find out that he is sweet and sensitive. Powerful and Strong. And that he is the king of kings and Lord of all Lords and that he holds your entire world in his hand. He delights in you and everything he has made you to be. He is your creator. Your lover. Your father. And your relentless.
He has been pursueing you to win your heart from the very first day you were thought of in his mind. He comes to woe your heart with the night sky, the rolling waves, the magestic mountains, the soft snow, smiling faces, sweet songs, and courage for you to know that you are never alone.

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