Two of my best guys friends and my sisters very best friend have moved in the past few months. Its hard standing there thinking back at every joke, every hug, every football game, every school dance, every prayer meeting, every church service when me and my friends got there three hours eary and three hours late to work our butts off to serve. When I think about our prayer meetings especially or the times when me zach and matt and my friend savannah would go to coffee and talk.... im sad because those were the best times. When Gods prescence was there something beyond friendship happend. I know Im 14.... more tragic things are bound to happen, but it seems to me that in my perfect little colorado springs new life church world im starting to beg God for something constant.

I remember times in the furnace prayer room and we would all the crying and praying together cause God would just throw his flame on us all at the same time and we would all be broken. Ive been extremely lucky to have these guys in my life. Zach Parsley was the most sarcastic, pessimistic guy out there and that was just the way we loved him :) he was hilarious, and retarted all at the same time. Matt Stavrose and me were so close. He was my big brother, both of them were but me and matt really were like best friends. We shared the same birthday, and locker :) We sat next to each other to and back from germany and we just had fun together. He told me how girls were so annoyingly emotional and I told him how I hated how savannah and I always faught over everything. I am emotional. So here I am crying that tonight was the last night Ill see matt for a really long time. Zach moved months ago.... I cryed then too.

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