I just realized that its only 10am. I laughed when I realized because Im usually not up this early but I have been up for hours and hours and I still have a whole day left! I found this new song called Take My Hand by Shawn McDonald.

This song makes me so so so happy :) Im gonna make a collage ( or however you spell it) of all the things that make me really happy and put some of the lyrics from this song on there :) As Im writing out all the things that make me really happy it really is sort of a self discovery process.... just learning one more side of myself. I dont know why some of these things make me happy... they just do. things like eating ice when all my drink is gone from the cup make me happy.
im a freak. i know thanks anyway.
but seriously!!! try making a list of all the things that make you really happy... think about really hard to, think about what you do on a daily basis that you just... LIKE doing, that maybe even have become a habit for you :)

Good day :)

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