saying nothing

I love reading good blogs... honest and interesting blogs... Its so cool how people express themselves by blogging because me? well I cant stare at a computer screen and feel inspired. And I CAN NOT share my deepest thoughts with the world... it just bugs me. ALOT.

Sometimes wish I was like that though, describing all my thoughts on the internet hoping that the world loves my words....

but Im content with my journal and a deep coversation with my best freinds...

But If I was to make a list for you what Im thinking about it would be this.

1) my school day tomorrow

2) a boy. a boy I would do anything to stop thinking about. ugh.

3) my future husband

4) my bible

5) my prayer meeting.

jeez now im hoping you dont see me as super shallow.

Well I have no words to contribute to your life.... I just thought I'd say something... even if it was dumb. So heres me, having plenty of things to say and waiting for the right time... did that sound smart? ok.......

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